Sunday, September 28, 2014

Windows through the Ages

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What have got against Android's?

What have you got against Android's? This was question posed to me from an Android phone user after seeing my iPhone. He had a defensive tone to his voice. I told him I really didn't have anything against them. I thought some of them looked pretty cool. If that's what you want then go for it.

I'm still trudging along in my aged iPhone 4 and I'm sure to be going with the iPhone 6 really soon. I no intention of jumping the good ship Apple anytime soon. They've worked well for me so far. I like the consistency and quality that goes into them.

It would seem that other smartphone users have an inferiority complex about the iPhone. It still remains a benchmark as the one to meet or beat in the smartphone market. I've seen many phones that are bigger to the point of being a small tablet. I actually don't see the point of having a huge phone like that. It's a nice option but not always practical. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

FBI Cyber Crimes Virus

I was nabbed by the FBI Cyber Crimes virus just recently. It annoyingly hijacks your computer with a full page pop up. Extorts you into paying a fee because you’ve been caught doing something bad. To scare you more it shows your IP address and if your laptop is equipped with a webcam you can see your annoyed look on your face staring back at you.

A couple of things tip you off that this is a scam.

  1. The FBI is more than likely take this approach. Maybe they’ll tap your phone or do other CSI type of stuff but they are usually a bit more discreet. By the time the guys in suits and sunglasses are at the door its too late.
  2. For all our governments fault they usually know how to spell stuff right. “Cibercrime” probably wouldn’t get by most government workers standard spell check. Further enhancing the idea for as brilliant these virus writers may be writing the program they are horrible proofreaders.

I did what most somewhat tech savvy people do, I Googled it of course. I went the safe mode and went the Malware Bytes method. I also tried using Spybot Search and Destroy. After scan and restarts with those programs didn’t work. I went into safe mode once again and fired up my AVG Antivirus (free version) and scanned it. Rebooted and now seems all back to normal.