Saturday, September 26, 2009

Windows 7 Launch Party

I first heard of this(thanks Geeks are Sexy!) I kind of silly to tell you the truth. Though I imagine the people at Microsoft wished you wouldn’t. If you don’t know Windows newest operating system called simply enough “Windows 7” is due to be launched on Oct. 22, 2009.  I have not tried it personally but, from the hype it’s suppose to be much better than Vista. I’ve only had some experience with Vista on my wife’s laptop which hasn’t caused any problems so far.

To get back to the idea of a launch party for an operating system? Maybe it’s just me but, I’ve never heard of one (at least in my small social circle). Though many in Redmond, Washington may be excited about the launch Does anyone else get really excited about a software launch besides those launching it? The video does seem a bit on the silly side. I suppose if your in need of a reason to throw a party and your friends are on the geeky side it may work.  If you need to get your geek on go for it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is a MAC really a PC?

David Risley over at PCMECH brought up an excellent point. The MAC despite all of the marketing hype by Apple a MAC is really a PC.  I have to agree with him on this argument. Let’s see what makes up a personal computer:

  • Hard Drive
  • Processor
  • Memory(aka: RAM)
  • Motherboard(aka:system board)
  • Operating system software
  • Input devices(aka: keyboard and mouse)
  • Video display(aka: monitor)
  • Optical drives
  • Internet capability
  • Designed for personal home use

Now one can argue the finer points of architecture designed into Apple machines and how the are different from Windows or Linux machines. This is no different than saying a certain auto part is only designed and built for a Porsche. That’s fine but, it’s still an automobile just like a Ford.

Please don’t get me wrong I believe Apple machines are well built and are priced accordingly. If you’d like one and can afford one by all means go for it. I do disagree with the perception that a computer made by Apple is not a PC(Personal Computer).

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