Tuesday, August 18, 2015

User profile service failed the logon....Part 2

I recently posted about this issuer before. I came across the issue again but proved to be a little more difficult to solve. The last time I simply used a System Restore feature and was able to resolve the "User Profile Service Failed" message. This time I wasn't able to fix it that way so I had to dig a little deeper for a fix.  I did a quick Google search of the problem and came across this YouTube video. I was able to follow it verbatim and I was able to solve the issue.

A word of warning, it does involve editing the Windows Registry which if not done correctly can wreck havoc on your computer. If your not comfortable doing it than you probably shouldn't Perhaps find someone that is more comfortable and you trust working on your machine. 

The video is easy to follow and is only about 5 minutes long. It helps if you have another device to view video while doing the repair. I used my iPhone and stopped and started the video along the way. It's like I said it easier than I thought and sure is a lot easier and quicker than doing a "System Restore". 

Good luck and have a great day!