Tuesday, August 18, 2015

User profile service failed the logon....Part 2

I recently posted about this issuer before. I came across the issue again but proved to be a little more difficult to solve. The last time I simply used a System Restore feature and was able to resolve the "User Profile Service Failed" message. This time I wasn't able to fix it that way so I had to dig a little deeper for a fix.  I did a quick Google search of the problem and came across this YouTube video. I was able to follow it verbatim and I was able to solve the issue.

A word of warning, it does involve editing the Windows Registry which if not done correctly can wreck havoc on your computer. If your not comfortable doing it than you probably shouldn't Perhaps find someone that is more comfortable and you trust working on your machine. 

The video is easy to follow and is only about 5 minutes long. It helps if you have another device to view video while doing the repair. I used my iPhone and stopped and started the video along the way. It's like I said it easier than I thought and sure is a lot easier and quicker than doing a "System Restore". 

Good luck and have a great day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

User Profile Service Failed

Recently came upon someone who came upon this logon problem.When logging on to her Windows 7 laptop she would get an error that would say "The user profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.". First made sure password was correct but when using wrong password it would give your standard wrong password error.

Even when using another profile to logon and change password the same error message would show it's ugly head. So I then consulted my favorite computer trouble shooting partner called, Google.

So I type in the error message and I get some tips and links. One is the official Microsoft Support page. It lists a few solutions of which none were simple. The least simple one involved fooling with the Registry. I know better than to fool with the registry unless I really have to.

Another link at Toms Hardware suggested doing a system restore. Being a fan of trying the simplest solution first I thought this would be worth a try. First I had to reboot into safe mode by pressing F8 on restart and selecting "Safe Mode". When I found my system restore I picked a date that seemed not too long ago. Unfortunately the first try wasn't working so I tried again with a later date. This one did the trick fortunately.

I'm glad this one turned out with a happy ending. I hope this would help someone else out with a similar problem. Have a great day and good luck!