Friday, December 24, 2010

Geeks guide to Surviving Christmas



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Up on the housetop


If you’ve been watching TV lately you’ve probably come across catchy tune on a Hyundai commercial. To the non-tech savvy people out there they probably have no idea who this quirky couple is and where did they come from. If your a fan of YouTube and music you probably have a better chance of knowing who they are.

They are Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn who are better known as Pomplamoose on YouTube. This duo has been producing their own brand of music and videos since 2008. They have done covers such as Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”, Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” and many others. The majority is music that they write and produce themselves. This is all without a traditional record label or contract.

This was the video I first discovered them back in the spring of this year. They call their style “VideoSongs” which I’ve found to be unique and refreshing. Jack is multi-instrumentalist and a bit of a spaz and Nataly has a wonderful voice with mesmerizing eyes(yes I have a crush, don’t tell my wife).

I certainly find it fascinating how they’ve done this without a tradition record deal or contract. I wish them the best of luck and will continue to be a big fan of theirs.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Riverside Repair

cam 033

  My latest project is building a website for my brother’s small engine repair business called Riverside Repair Co. (yes this is a shameless plug for it). I’ve done this amateur webmaster stuff for a few years now  to help him out. In the beginning I used Microsoft’s Frontpage 2000. I’m sure website builders are cringing that I used something as horrible as that one. I used it because it had an easy learning curve and was within my budget at the time.

Over the last year or so I tried several other options at a budget web builder but had no luck finding one that I felt comfortable with. Meanwhile my brothers site languished away looking like a bad website example from the Clinton administration. I finally came across a trial of Microsoft’s web builder Expression Web 4 .  Though a bit intimidated at first I was able to plug away at the trial copy and found lot’s of web support in learning how to use it.  Then I found out that because I was a college student I could download a free legit copy the program.  I’m still learning to use it but I’m very happy with it.  If your a college student it’s worth checking out.

Be sure and check out the website and tell me what you think. Thanks for coming by!