Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Missing in action...

My most recent project was installing a new drive on my friends Dell Latitude laptop. My basic plan was to clone (using XXClone) his old drive onto his new drive. The new drive is Western Digital 120 Gb (Scorpio WD1200VE). I attached via usb adapter and booted up the computer. After booting I went to "My Computer" to check if Windows recognized the drive which it wasn't there. I checked in the "Device manager and it showed two disk drives. I was bit confused. So next I tried it on my own desktop and with the same results. At first I was like uh-oh my friend may have gotten a bad drive. I tried my copy of the UBCD(Ultimate Boot CD) to run diagnostic programs to no avail. I even installed in the laptop to see if I'd get anything different. Of course I didn'tI was a bit baffled and frustrated to say the least. I then I had to leave for awhile to go to work inform my friend of the dilemma.

Day Two-
I start fresh again today. I decided to do some research on the project. I decided to go to a trusty website for PC repair I've used called PC Mechanic and check them out. I go to the forums and look under "Drives and Storage". I find that the exact problem I'm experiencing is stickied up top. I then follow the instructions in it and it was fixed. It would seem that because the drive being fresh from the factory was unpartitioned and unformatted therefore unrecognized by Windows. The steps to do this are listed here. To me it was a "Duh" moment but also a lesson learned. Now that being done the drive was now found in "My Computer". Now I can clone it over using XXClone which I'm doing as I'm as I write this.

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