Monday, October 26, 2009

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

With Windows 7 just released you may be wondering if you’d like to upgrade your current PC. You may consider using the official Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Tool from Microsoft. Though I don’t really think I’ll be upgrading soon I downloaded it and gave it a shot. Here I’ll give you a look at what to expect. This is on Windows XP system, if you have Vista it may look a bit different. First you’ll have to download it from here and install it.

Screenshot - 10_25_2009 , 11_09_04 AM

Screenshot - 10_25_2009 , 11_09_38 AM

After you install it click “Start Check” button in the corner.

Screenshot - 10_25_2009 , 11_09_54 AM

The program will start checking your system for compatibility to Windows 7. They weren’t kidding either when it says “This will take a few minutes”. Though I didn’t exactly time it I believe it took at least 10 to 15 minutes to complete. I’m not sure if it was because of my system or that’s the nature of the program. Maybe someone else can tell us of there experience with this.

Screenshot - 10_25_2009 , 11_24_52 AM In the end you’ll receive a report that looks like this telling you if your system and software is compatible. Just from a quick look at this I’d have to upgrade my graphics card at least. Also I’d have to”perform a custom installation”  of Windows 7. This short for clean complete installation of Windows 7 from since it cannot upgrade directly from XP. I didn’t click on the links because I was running short on time when I did this. I imagine the links bring you to pages on the web to assist you.

Good luck and I hope this would help you out. Please chime in and tell us of your experience with this and Windows 7 in general. I may run this on my wife’s laptop which has Vista and see what it comes up with. Thanks for coming by!

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