Sunday, December 6, 2009

What’s in your PC?

Ever wonder what’s inside your computer? Even if you open up your computer it may not tell you much. Sure you may be able to tell the what the components are(Example: Hard drive, CD/DVD Drive, Power Supply, etc..). Even if your lucky to find some manufacturing brand names you need a microscope and a decoder to decipher the markings. I find system information software a valuable tool.

Screenshot - 12_5_2009 , 4_05_32 PMSpeccy is system information software from Piriform who are the developers of CCleaner(system cleaner), Recuva(data recovery), and Defraggler(defragmentor). They have a reputation of producing some well made products.

Speccy can be downloaded from the Piriform website. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see when you use it:

Screenshot - 12_5_2009 , 4_02_35 PM

It will give you a an overview of what’s inside your PC. If you click on any of these it will give you more in depth details. Like this….

Screenshot - 12_5_2009 , 4_03_21 PM

For a program still in beta it works pretty well and I encountered no problems while using it. It’s a small program of about 1.1 MB so it’s a quick download depending on your connection. It’s not super in depth as far as information but, I believe it’ll serve well for casual and more experienced users alike wanting a quick snapshot of what’s inside. Being still in beta there may be more features to come. I hope they keep it simple and quick. Best of all it’s got a great

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