Monday, January 4, 2010

My favorite Apps so far

  I know that iPhone is sort of old news but it’s new to me. I think part of the allure of the iPhone is the sheer number of apps that you can find for this device. Even a couple of weeks later I’m still finding interesting stuff browsing through the Apple App store. I got a car charger and a silicon case for it already. I’ve got a car carrier coming too. Next I believe may be a cassette adapter to play my music. Anyway I just thought I’d share what my favorite items are so far. Most are free though a few I’ve paid for. I’ve discover many free apps are but “lite” versions(or demo) of full scale pay apps. Which is good that you can try something out for free before forking over your cash. This is essentially a way to “test drive” an app to see if you like it. Well here’s an early list of my favorite apps:

Facebook - (Free)

I’m a self admitted Facebook addict so this was a no brainer. It contains the essential features that you use on the site. You can update your status, upload photo’s, check your feed, make comment’s, chat, and so on. Games, quizzes, video’s(containing flash media) and other applications may not show up. It’s actually a very clean version of Facebook without all the added clutter.  I like it so far.

Flickr - (Free)

I’m a big fan of Flickr and so this was an early download. Flickr if you don’t know is a site that allows you to upload and share your photo’s along with many other things you can do with your photo’s. This app is handy to upload your photo’s to the web and then you can do what you want with them( like post them to a blog like I’m doing here).  It can also be a way to surf through and admire other peoples photography.

Google - (Free)

This one is handy if you’ve got a Gmail account and use there services a lot. There search feature even has a voice search which you can “tell” Google what to search for. It’s a pretty neat feature in it’s own right.

Yahoo! - (Free)

Of course we can’t leave out Yahoo! I’ve had a Yahoo! for over ten years so this was one of my first downloads. Like the Google App you can check your email and other Yahoo! features.  You can check news and on your social media and customize it to your taste.

Doodle Jump - ($o.99 USD)

I had to include this fun app to break up all the serious ones here. This one was recommended to me by my sister-in-law. It is strangely simple yet addicting. Your doodle must jump and bounce continually on floating platforms. You move him around by tilting your phone from side to side. It’s silly but fun. It’s a quick game you can play waiting in line somewhere.

These are just the first five of favorites. I do have some other’s I’ll feature in another post. Enjoy and I’ll talk to you later.

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