Saturday, May 15, 2010

Slow PC Blues

j0422409 Ever have your computer just slow down to crawl?  This is a common complaint among PC owners. There are several things you can try to alleviate the problem. I believe in trying the simplest things first and then moving from there. Here’s a quick list:

  • Reboot your computer – This trick works well when you’ve been surfing on the Internet for hours or the PC’s been on for long periods of time. Like us sometimes they just need a quick restart and all is well.
  • Time to clean up – Next I would recommend using a program called CCleaner which is a personal favorite of mine. It cleans temp files and other unnecessary stuff hanging around your PC slowing it down.
  • Get organized - After this would be a good time to defrag your computer also which if not done periodically can slow it down. You can use the one built into Windows or use a third party one like Defraggler(made by same people who bring you CCleaner)
  • Get a check up – If you suspect an infection you can run MalwareBytes free program to find stuff that snuck past your antivirus program(none are 100%).
  • Run task manager – If a problem still persists you can run your task manager and when your PC starts to slow down see which program is causing you the headache. You can shut it down and decide whether uninstall or reinstall the program. Sometimes programs just get hung up and need a reboot(see first item on list).

Like I said try the simple stuff first. Thanks for coming by.

Source: Spector, Lincoln(PCWorld 2010) Why does my PC sometimes slow to a crawl? PCWorld Magazine May 2010, Page 100

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