Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Microsoft Expression Web 4

Over the last few weeks I’ve been mulling over what software to use to update my brother’s business website and to possibly use for other projects. I had used Microsoft Frontpage 2000 previously but as you could imagine that it is woefully out of date. I had gotten used to the way Frontpage worked and I had wanted something similar but obviously updated.

I am not a professional web designer (nor do I play one on TV) I needed something relatively inexpensive and relatively simple to use. I also wanted to have up to date features. I had checked out some free web editors but none seemed promising enough to spend a lot of time with. I tried out Serif’s WebPlus X2 which was a few years old but had some good reviews.  I came upon a free trial of Microsoft’s Expressions Web 4. Expression’s Web is now what Frontpage used to be in the marketplace).  Even after just a short time I’ve tried it I’ve all but left WebPlus behind. I’ve found lots of tutorial’s around the Internet. Here is a series I found really useful for the beginner user(it uses Expression 3 but the interface is very similar).












This series was very helpful in getting me started. This program is looking promising and doesn’t have wallet crunch price(This version is priced around $150). I’m still working with it and I’ll be sharing more in the near future. Thanks for coming by.


Tina Clarke said...

Hi... did you know because you own fp 2000 you can upgrade for around $79? Check the ms store or Amazon for the best price. You might also like to know about Free Setting up Expression Web 4.0 which outlines all the settings that are most helpful to newbies. and also the Free Expression Web Community Toolbar What do you like best about the new Expression Web 4.0?

rjplumer said...

Thank you for the tip. After some research I found I could recieve a free copy because I'm a student through Microsoft's Dreamspark program at:

Many high schools and colleges are eligible. I'm a student myself and this was a nice surprise.