Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PC Blues

It would seem as if it’s either feast or famine regarding my PC hobby. Here’s a list of what’s been going on here:

  • My sister get’s upgraded to Verizon Fios and needs help getting connected. That was a simple fix and has been taken care of.
  • My son takes a fit of anger (because of slow PC) and punches my wife’s keyboard on her laptop(not the slow one just an innocent bystander). This knocks a few keys off and they won’t stay on. Had to order new keyboard from Ebay.
  • A friend has a dead Dell desktop that needs a new motherboard. Ordered identical board from Ebay and I’m awaiting shipment.
  • For the climax my “work” PC a HP Pavilion desktop blows a board also. I’ve priced replacements and I’m awaiting approval from the purchasing department(my lovely wife) to order it. This has really got me down. I don’t mind using my wife’s laptop(which I’m using to post this) but I miss my PC.
This is on top of my normal job and usual family duties. Just thought I’d share what’s going on. Thanks for coming by.

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