Friday, December 3, 2010

Riverside Repair

cam 033

  My latest project is building a website for my brother’s small engine repair business called Riverside Repair Co. (yes this is a shameless plug for it). I’ve done this amateur webmaster stuff for a few years now  to help him out. In the beginning I used Microsoft’s Frontpage 2000. I’m sure website builders are cringing that I used something as horrible as that one. I used it because it had an easy learning curve and was within my budget at the time.

Over the last year or so I tried several other options at a budget web builder but had no luck finding one that I felt comfortable with. Meanwhile my brothers site languished away looking like a bad website example from the Clinton administration. I finally came across a trial of Microsoft’s web builder Expression Web 4 .  Though a bit intimidated at first I was able to plug away at the trial copy and found lot’s of web support in learning how to use it.  Then I found out that because I was a college student I could download a free legit copy the program.  I’m still learning to use it but I’m very happy with it.  If your a college student it’s worth checking out.

Be sure and check out the website and tell me what you think. Thanks for coming by!

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