Monday, January 3, 2011

Star Wars Episode 3 Review by Red Letter Media

This is the long awaited Star Wars Episode 3 review by Red Letter Media. I’ve actually found that these reviews are more entertaining than the movies themselves. I found out about Red Letter Media through their reviews of the first two Star Wars prequels(The Phantom Menace and The Clone Wars).

I’m a huge fan of the original Star Wars trilogy and so when I heard George was making the the prequels years ago I was thrilled. Though visually the prequels were well done their seemed to be something missing about them. I thought the next two movies would be better but they really weren’t. I never even bothered to go see the last one in the theatre as I just didn’t care that much.

It really wasn’t until I saw these reviews that I was really able to understand what went wrong with these films. In the original trilogy we actually cared about the characters and what happened to them. The story telling aspect was also a lot stronger. The special effects were used to enhance the story.  The film’s had drama, humor, adventure and some romance thrown in. The later films  lacked almost all these qualities. The characters were dry and we cared little about them. It had a forced romance , almost no humor and the actual story line seemed like it was made up on the go.

If your a Star Wars fan these reviews are a must see. Though the the way these are presented ma be a bit on the dark side of humor. The criticisms are well thought out and presented in a logical manner. Enjoy!



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