Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Get Back is a new social networking sight geared for those over 35. I saw this news item and it sounded interesting since I fit into the demographic(I guess I'm an old fart). Since technically the site just started today they've got a deluge of traffic because the site loaded as if I was on a dial-up modem. In other words slow and cumbersome. So be prepared to wait for pages to load. Maybe they figure us older folk have more patience. It seems interesting enough to get back (pun intended) to. It has the popular "beta" sticker so maybe they'll work on speeding up the site.

I did sign up for it which like I said took awhile to load pages. The design is friendly and has retro feel to them. I did find some interesting movie clips and music clips. It has a lot of "then and now" stuff and trivia items from pop culture from late 60's to the 80's. If your tired of Myspace, Facebook or just want try some thing different give it a try.

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