Sunday, April 6, 2008

Safari feedback

I thank you all who have commented on my Safari review. Given some of the content of the feedback that may be surprising. What has surprised me is to the tone of some of the comments. Everyone has opinions and I don't have a problem with that. You would think that it was the developers of the browser making comments. I don't think Apple will go out of business because of what I said. A few points I'd like to make out:

  • It was the first time trying it out. Think of it as taking a car out for a two minute test drive. I doubt you figure out every feature or function of the vehicle in that short of a period. It was just an initial impression of it. Like I said in the last post I found the "Tab" function and works just fine. I didn't see it the first time around. You could think of it this way. Say you own and drive a car for several years. You get to know where every feature, function, knob, lever, pedal etc. by heart. You can find the stuff in the dark if you had to. Then what if you had to you use someone else's car. It would take awhile to get used to where everything is. Safari was no different. Many of you have apparently used it before so you know where all the features are.
  • I grant you that the review was sparse for info and depth. If you expecting something more I apologize and will take note of it in the future.
  • Safari as a browser is quite alright to use and I meant nothing derogatory towards it. I'll even up on my scale of 10 to a 7. I have used it a bit more and have found it to be quick and responsive.
In conclusion like I said it was only meant as more of a first impression comment than a full fledged review. I will strive to be a bit more thorough in further comments or reviews in the future. Just one other quick comment is that I hope this attitude isn't indicative of Apple users. Granted I'm a "PC" guy but I try and keep an open mind about things. I think Safari's a good browser and I also love iTunes so I'm not against Apple in any way. Thanks for coming by and like I said I do appreciate your comments.


Andy K said...

Hi Bob,

What you have to realise is that your blog appeared on Mac news sites such as so visitors came to your blog expecting to see a proper review of Safari.

Apple's Safari Product Overview PDF gives an idea of what's in the browser.

I use both Firefox and Safari but favour Safari due to its simple approach and better performance. Just like with the iPod, Apple has gone for a simple elegant approach and not overloaded it with features. The browser "gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the web". It's good that there are now at least two great alternatives to IE which take different approaches.

As others may have said, Safari is powered by the open-source rendering engine called WebKit which is widely regarded as the fastest and most web-standards compliant engine available. Incidentally If you've browsed the iTunes Store then you've used WebKit.

As for the comments by some Apple users, well, PC users can also go over the top. Each platform has its fair share of nutters.

rjplumer said...

Thank you Andy K for bringing this to my attention in a in well thought out manner. I was wondering where all the traffic was coming from.