Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Windows tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

I'm currently enrolled in a course called "Introduction to computers"(three credit college course). Now some may think that a veteran computer guy(compared to some) that what more could I learn or that it'll be boring? The thing with computers is that you should always be looking for something to learn. One thing that I've often overlooked or just got lazy using the mouse is keyboard shortcuts. Some consider them quicker than using a mous. Of course most of us know the CTRL+ALT+DEL to shutdown or restart your PC when frozen but beyond that I'm a bit lacking. So here's a few Windows keyboard shortcuts that may be useful to you. This is by no means a total comprehensive list but I believe it covers the basics. Many applications have there own shortcuts. If you know of more leave a comment to share.

  • Ctrl + W - Closes window
  • Ctrl + C - Copy
  • Ctrl + X - Cut
  • Del key - Delete
  • Esc - Exit window
  • Ctrl + F3 - Find
  • F1 - Help
  • Windows key + M - Minimizes window
  • Ctrl + Del - Move to Recycling bin
  • Ctrl + N - Create New Folder or document
  • Ctrl + O - Open
  • Windows Key - Opens Start menu
  • Ctrl + V - Paste
  • Ctrl + P - Print
  • Alt + Print Scrn - Print screen
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del - Reboot/Restart
  • Ctrl + S - Save
  • Ctrl + A - Select all
  • Ctrl + Z - Undo
For a more comprehensive list you can check the Microsoft list of shortcuts here.

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