Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Log Me in, Techinline

I'm really starting to like One benefit is that I'm able to access more than one computer in my own home. Kind of a poor man's network you could say. Its pay service I'm trying out (Log Me in Rescue)is nice but at $99-$129 per month price tag it's a bit too out of my reach. I'll stick with free version for now. It's a bit more cumbersome to setup but I'll manage.

The other remote access I'm trying out is through Techinline.
I was trying to use a free trial version with my darling mother-in-law(a complete computer novice) was unsuccessful. It seems if you use Firefox it has to install a plugin which she had problems installing and I was unable help her through(she's a big reason I want to get one of these working). I think next time we'll try it with Internet Explorer and hopefully we can get a working connection. It's pricing structure is a bit more reasonable and may be able to fir into my budget($30 month unlimited/ $20 for 5 sessions). well I'll keep plugging away at it. See you later.


Dizzle said...

Check out Instant Housecall Remote Support.

I use the $35/mo plan, but I'm going to upgrade to unlimited soon. Even your mother-in-law will be able to use it. ;)

Highly recommended.

rjplumer said...

Thank you. I will check that one out.

Albert said...

Techinline has got much better since this post. I've been with them for about a year and a half now and they've added many features which LogMeIn Rescue charges 4 times more for.