Saturday, October 6, 2007

Welcome to October..

You may have noticed a drop off of post's here recently. Recently I've started going back to school again and free time I devoted to this blog has diminished a bit to say the least. Much of my time has been devoted to work,school and other household obligations. Not to mention the NHL hockey season has begun again in earnest with my Boston Bruins playing tonight against the Pheonix Coyotes.
It's been a bit slow for computer projects recently. Right now the only thing going on is prepping an old Pentium class computer for a yard sale tomorrow. I have to clean out the computer basically of personal items and or a complete reinstall of the operating system. I haven't quite decided yet. I'll probably do the clean install choice to be on the safe side. Also up for sale may be the Compaq Ipaq I got off Ebay a few months back too.
Well back to the game and I'll be back here soon enough.

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