Monday, February 18, 2008

Best Buy sued $54 million for lost laptop

Personally I'm no big fan of frivolous lawsuits but this one may have some merit to it. Raelyn Campbell brought her laptop in to be repaired(under extended warranty). She never saw it again. After many months of trying to retrieve the laptop Best Buy originally low-balled her on compensation. She felt insulted (and she should). The computer cost $1100 + $300(extended warranty). They offered $900 (in form of a gift card). That doesn't even cover the original cost never mind the lost personal data,pictures, software, and aggravation of many months of the runaround. Now she's even has to worry about identity theft also. She doesn't actually expect to get that amount but would like to see an explanation of how all this happened in the first place. I wish her luck!

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