Sunday, February 3, 2008

Breeding mice

Last night I had some free time so decided to go through computer stuff and clean out my stuff. I'm still not finished but I've made some progress. One thing I didn't realize how many computer mice I've collected. I believe I came up with at least a dozen. I think they were breeding in the storage bin the were in. Most I think are older than my five year old(soon to be six, just ask him,lol) son. Most were of the two-button variety with a couple of scroll wheels thrown in I kept those and earmarked the rest for disposal or recycling. The other thing I had just as many of(if not more) were PC power cords. I also had a smattering of IDE cables and few odds and end adapters. Parallel printer cables that I don't have any use for anymore since 99% of time USB cables are used now. I tend to get things as hand me downs and I hate to throw things out that work even though they maybe outdated. Computers are generally speaking outdated as soon as you open the box. Just don't ask me how many outdated computers I got that's a whole story in itself. Any way I've got a few errands to run and I should go. Super Sunday wouldn't be right without saying....

Go Patriots!

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