Sunday, February 17, 2008

Writers block

Admittedly I've dropped off the number of posts I've been leaving here. This is partly due to that I'm back in school now so my time is more taken up by other things and also a bit due to that I haven't done a lot lately as far as PC repair.

I did go over to a friends house to help his wife with a few things on her computer. What we ended up doing was troubleshooting her printer. The printer seemed fine but wasn't printing anything. After I reinstalled the software I realized that the cable going into the computer was installed upside down. When I reversed the printer cable it worked just fine. Like the saying goes, check the obvious stuff first. She was kind of embarrassed but even I had missed it the first time around. The only other thing we got to do was set her up with Gmail(Google email) account.

Personally I've been fooling around iTunes lately. With the new larger drive I've finally got the space to rip my CD's onto my hard drive now. So far I like it very much and I've even bought a few songs from them. The interface is fairly simple to figure out. It runs fairly well without any major problems.

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