Friday, March 21, 2008

Crossloop blog

I'd like to thank the guys(and gals) at Crossloop for the feature on the there blog. Some of you may have noticed the Crossloop badge on this blog and wondered just what Crossloop is. For just a quick refresher Crossloop is remote access program that is very simple to use and very easy to setup. For example I use it with my darling mother-in-law who describes herself as a complete computer newbie was able set it up and we were using it in less than ten minutes. A friend of mine uses it with his 6 year old son to play games. It's that easy. If you wish to keep track of your sessions(or at least have bragging rights) you can even setup an account and post a Crossloop badge(aka:widget) on your website, blog or elsewhere. I highly recommend it.

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