Monday, March 3, 2008

Too many taskbars

On a computer I was working on recently I opened Internet Explorer(7) and low and behold it had at least three different extra taskbars at the top. Yahoo,Google and Microsoft were all attendance. To top it off the browser would never connect or open. I even tried to close the taskbars and it still wouldn't open. What I ended up doing was uninstalling and reinstalling it. It worked great after that. Though I never found a whole lot of use for them personally I think more than one is a waste. On top of that some (even well known ones) I've heard contain spyware.

On a humorous note I received a call from my wonderful mother-in-law needing help with her email using Outlook Express. She wasn't able to send or recieve emails for at least a week or so. We hooked up through Crossloop. Somehow her password got messed up and when she re-entered it it worked. In all it took about ten minutes to fix. The what's the punchline? How did she first try and get a hold of me? By email. :) I love her.

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Mrinal said...

Its awesome to see CrossLoop a part of your regular computer life helping others, Bob :)