Monday, August 11, 2008

How to build a PC - Part 2

Of course your going to need some basic tools. What you need isn't expensive or hard to find. Kits are sold in many places where computers are sold and they are relatively cheap. It's good idea to have this ahead of time before starting your project. The basic tools I've found to be needed are:

  • Screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver- The majority of screws used for PC's are of the this variety. It also maybe handy to have some Torx head screwdrivers too. They aren't too common but, they are out there.
  • Tweezers - These are handy to use with jumpers and the occasional fallen screw.
  • Screw extractor- These are necessary for finding those screws or jumpers the inevitably fall in the nooks and crannies of you case.
  • Magnify glass - A pair of reading glasses will do the trick too. Necessary at times to reading not only the multi-language manuals but also to reading items on motherboard(or expansion cards, jumper settings on a hard drive etc.).
  • Lighting - It's important to have well lit area to work in. A flashlight would be a good idea too.
  • ESD wrist strap - It's important to guard against static(or ESD) while assembling your masterpiece. You can also use an anti-static mat too. These are relatively inexpensive and is cheap insurance against losing that expensive piece of electronicThese are due to static. I will get this more deeply further on.
  • Something to hold the screws- An old egg carton works great for this. You will be dealing many screws, spacers, jumpers etc.. They have a way to fall on the floor out of sight reach just before you need them the most.

These are the basic items I believe you'll need to assemble a PC. It's also a good idea before you begin to gather necessary manuals,instructions, and software related to you hardware before beginning. Just have them in a handy spot because nothings more frustrating than searching franticly for a CD or manual for a piece of hardware you just installed at the last minute. One last thing thing to bring is patience. Nothing worse than getting frustrated or hot headed over this. If you find yourself getting flustered take a break and come back to it. I have found when I get too focused and angered (yes it does happen) that taking a break can clear the mind and allows me to come back refreshed. It's not rocket science to put these together and most anyone with a some degree of mechanical ability can do this I believe. Well that's all for now and thanks for coming by.

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