Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to Ubuntu

A while back I fooled around with ubuntu (Linux OS) without much success. After installing another version(Backtrack 3) onto a friends laptop I decided to give it another try. I stuck with ubuntu because I was somewhat familiar with it and seemed most versatile. The biggest hangup I had was configuring my wireless internet to work with it. Being an internet junkie a computer without internet connection is like a car with no engine. It may look nice but it can't(at least not without pushing) go very far.

OF course as my luck would have my wireless card is not Linux friendly so I had to use the Linux program called ndiswrapper to use my Windows wifi card. Of course being relatively new to Linux I had to figure it out by scratch. By some trial and error I at last was connected to the world. I was a very happy camper as the saying goes. I now have a use for my old Compaq PC I've had lying around. So far I've found ubuntu very interesting. Perhaps I can piece together a how-to out of it(wireless hookup) soon if I can remember how I did it. Anyway back to exploring ubuntu...

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