Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dell Latitude disassembly – LCD cover

I was asked by a friend to replace a lid cover to his Dell Latitude D600 notebook. In my previous post I I covered removing the keyboard and hinge cover. This was the first step in removing the lid cover. His was a bit scratched and the hinges were in poor shape just barely hanging on. Also the locking latch was not lined up correctly so it wasn’t staying shut. The tools you’ll need are the same as before. A small Phillips and flathead screwdriver are essential.


Here we have the left hand hinge which looks in pretty sorry state. It was very loose and there was space between the hinge in the case. This wasn’t going to last much longer.


Here’s our Dell with the keyboard and hinge cover removed.



First thing I did was disconnect the LCD display connector from the board.


It has a small ground strap and a wire connected to the LCD.


First I unscrewed the ground strap and then disconnected it. It has small handle to aid in pull.


Now I move on to the hinges. The left hand side has two screws and the other has one.


After the screws are removed it should lift right out of place.


Now I’m removing the frame around LCD display. In this case I’m just replacing the lid cover. This would a good reference if your replacing the actual LCD screen too. There are 4 screws along the top edge and 2 in the bottom corner.



After the screws are removed you can then begin gently prying the lid cover apart. I used a small flathead screwdriver. B gently when using this as you could damage the the plastic casing. They do make plastic tools to do this which I do have on order.


I now have the frame off.


Remove the screws holding the LCD display in place.


Lift and remove display. It’s that simple. To assemble just go in reverse order. Here I’m replacing the lid so I just lifted it out the old one and into the new one. I reassembled it. It was easier than I thought it would be. This took me about 30 minute or so. After I put it together and rebooted. It worked great. Thanks for coming by

Parts: Parts-People.com

Source: Dell Latitude D600 Service manual

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