Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blogger vs. Wordpress

Over the last six month’s or so I moved my PC blogging over to YourPCNeeds.info using Wordpress. To be honest it took some work to get the bugs out but, I was able to get it to run. Maybe like yourself you’ve read countless blogs saying Wordpress or others like it are the way to go for serious blogging. This may be true for the serious blogger. I don’t feel it may be right for those starting out on a budget with limited time. To set up Wordpress takes time to figure out and to maintain. Admittedly you’ve have a lot more flexibility and ownership of your site dealing with design and content.

j0282985What Blogger does offer a simplicity in design and speed to get you off the ground with only a small learning curve. I believe when your first starting out the last thing you need to do is dealing with Wordpress themes, themes dealing with php., plugins, updates, using ftp. Many of these things do take time to master. Sure it may be simple to many but for someone starting out I believe you can get caught up into dealing with trivial issues when you could be creating content you need.  A blog is nothing without content.

Case in point: Recently I wanted to add some polls to find out what readers wanted. I tried on my Wordpress blog to add plugins to add them. I spent well over an hour dealing with it and in the end the polls still did not appear on my blog. Frustrated I came over to this blog and I had a poll up and running in about 5 minutes. I also started another poll on another blog I have. Pardon the cliche but time is money. I don’t mind spending some time and effort for something thats worth it. Blogger I grant you doesn’t have the fanciest designs or themes but they do offer something that will get you up and running. Also if you want your own domain you can get one through Google Apps(GoDaddy) for $10 that is super simple to setup. I have already done it for another blog mine and I’ll be doing it here soon.  OK that’s the end of my rant. Have a great day!

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