Friday, July 24, 2009

Social Networking: Mafia Wars on Facebook

Screenshot - 7_24_2009 , 2_46_25 AMNow you can join the mafia without the unhealthy benefits. Facebook is loaded with games(or time suckers as I call them). Mafia Wars by Zynga is a popular game you can play that let’s you join and build your own mob.  You first create your character and then you start building your “family” through your Facebook friends.

Screenshot - 7_24_2009 , 2_46_17 AM

You can move up in your mob by doing  jobs and fights. You can purchase weapons, property, vehicles and more. Win special loot on certain jobs or fights.  I have been amazed on how addicting this game is.

Screenshot - 7_24_2009 , 3_09_25 AM

One quick suggestion. To add to your mob requires you to add people to your friends list. I’d advise to go through you friends first. If your going to add strangers to your list I’d suggest creating a friends list on Facebook and editing your privacy settings to restrict access to your personal information. You can’t be too careful these days.

This game is free but, you can purchase extra “Godfather” points if you want to go that route. They’ve got to support themselves somehow. Zynga does do a good job on this game with a polished look a very intuitive layout. If you’ve got time to kill it’s fun and addictive.

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