Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Social Networking: Opt-out of FaceBook ads

By default your FaceBook account allows your profile and picture to be used in advertising by friends or businesses. Though many times this could be a harmless thing if advertising for something like candy or a cause. If your face were to be used for a dating service your significant other or spouse might be a bit peeved.

This is the way to opt out of this option.

1. Go to Settings

Screenshot - 7_22_2009 , 1_24_35 PM

2. On your settings page go to Privacy and click on the “manage” link.

Screenshot - 7_22_2009 , 1_25_16 PM

3. Click on “News Feed and Wall”. On the next page click on the “Facebook Ads” tab.

Screenshot - 7_22_2009 , 1_28_45 PM

4. Click on the small arrow next to “Only my friends” and you’ll see a drop down and here you can choose “No one”. After you made your choice click “Save changes” and your done.

This should help save you from any embarrassing moments and protect your privacy too. Have a great day!

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