Friday, July 17, 2009

Laptop Hunters saga

I have to admit I’m a bit behind on the latest round of MAC versus PC(Windows). I find much of it silly and funny. I do know many MAC users can be very defensive about their choice of computers. I once posted a short post about their Safari browser and was soon barraged by hate mail/comments from MAC users. Maybe this post will also incite some of them too.

I’m not to sure what makes MAC users so rabid. I’m a PC but, I don’t hate Apple owners. To be honest they make high quality computers but, along with that goes the high price. It’s like comparing Porsche to Ford. One builds high performance sports cars which are pricey but other markets to the masses with vehicles ranging from trucks to small cars. Both will get you from point A to B.

The ad points out a simple thing which points to one thing I don’t understand. Why pay for high priced computer when something of a lower price will do what you want it to. Is it the image? I agree in many circles as video and graphical artist and such prefer MAC’s and that’s fine. Does everyone need that capability? No.

Most people just need a computer to surf the Internet, check email, play games, and some small office/school stuff. All the stuff a relatively inexpensive Windows based computer will do. Well I just thought I’d add some fuel to the fire of the debate.

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