Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Retro PC: Windows 2000 Pro

I used Windows 2000 Pro for a few years  and thought it was a solid performer. I thought of it as a stripped down version of Windows XP. If you’ve got slightly older machine(five to ten years)with limited resources it could still used but I wouldn’t use it for a new build. Many modern software applications just doesn’t work on it anymore. The oldest I’d go is for Windows XP.

Here is another video by Rich Menga from PC Mech who shows off Windows 2000 Pro in VirtualBox. He actually gives some tips on software to use and how to set this up. He makes it at least bearable to use Windows 2000 if you want to. These are good tips if your still trying to squeak some life out of an older PC or just like experimenting with older operating systems.

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