Sunday, June 27, 2010

Using Windows 95 ….today

Here is a quick video of Rich Menga of PC Mech showing how he’s running Windows 95. You may ask why would anyone do that today. Well Rich did it to play vintage DOS –games. Someone else may do it to use a specific program or just for the adventure(like I did at one time). How is he running Windows 95? He installed a program called VirtualBox which can install operating systems in a virtual environment. Rich gives us some excellent software recommendations that enable you to use(barely) Windows 95 in today's world. I imagine if you had an old PC or laptop running Windows 95 you could use a similar setup.

Here is a quick list of programs Rich is running:

Here is my version of using Windows 95 inside Microsoft’s Virtual PC that I did awhile back. It’s kind of glimpse into PC history.


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