Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zuckerberg on the Grill

Poor Mark Zuckerberg gets grilled about Facebook privacy issues at a recent conference. I think most people are generally concerned about privacy but probably don’t lose a lot of sleep over whether their settings on Facebook are optimized for privacy. It does seem like there is a very vocal minority that pops up every time something is changed on website. This video is just a small snippet of the whole interview. This is the whole video:

I’m one of those that doesn’t lose sleep over this subject. I do follow some common sense guidelines though. I don’t post anything on the site that I don’t expect everyone to see. If your on the edge on whether your post should be private or not I’d error on the side of caution. Send a private message through Facebook or by email and other means. Generally speaking if you post something on a friends wall their friends can see it also. The other tip is not to post anything you’ll regret or be embarrassed. There are numerous stories of people getting fired and such from embarrassing posts. Use common sense.

Mark’s relative rookie at this compared to a video of Steve Job’s being interviewed at the same venue. Steve was grilled also but he never broke a sweat. Poor Mark had to take his “Hoodie” off because he was sweating profusely. Good luck Mark, you’ll get there eventually.

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