Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bob's PC Tip of the Day

Recently I received an email with a ".pdf" at first I just figured it's either some type of virus, spam or some other type of malware. I deleted it at first. Then I read this article and double checked the email again and sure enough it fell under "Pump and Dump Stock Scammers" . What first drew my attention to this type of email was the type of attachment was the file type used which was the first time I noticed them using a .pdf file type(associated with Adobe Reader). I've received these "Pump and Dump" type before but not like this. A quick definition of "Pump and Dump" is an email or message urging you to buy a certain type of stock in hopes to "pump" up the price of a particular stock. They generally are harmless and probably fall under the annoyance type of spam. More on this subject can be found in an article by Mary Landesman on website.

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