Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to purchase RAM

A common complaint about computers after awhile is that after awhile they run slow. One way to speed up your PC is to upgrade your RAM (or Random Access Memory). Upgrading your memory isn't as hard as you might think. If your not squeamish about opening a PC case and can use a screwdriver your all set. How do you know what memory to use? A favorite tool of mine is Crucial Technology. I'm going to show here how easy it is to order memory for your PC from Crucial.

  1. First obviously is open your browser (Internet Explorer is recommended, you'll see why in a second) and go to .
  2. You have a choice of using Crucial's System Scanner or Memory Advisor. Crucial System Scanner requires Internet Explorer to run. It will automatically scan your system hardware. The Crucial Memory Advisor is the manual way of looking up if you know your make and model of computer your using. I prefer the automatic method as it's more foolproof in my opinion.
  3. To use Crucial System Scanner you click on the Scan My System button.
  4. Click the box to agree to Terms and Conditions and the click Start my Scan.
  5. Now Crucial will now scan your hardware.
  6. When it is done Crucial will make there recommendations and combinations you can configure.
  7. They will also provide some basic information about your system. Especially handy is how many slots you have available and usually how much memory your system can handle.
  8. Make your selection and click "Add To Basket" and your on your way.
Then you go through your standard purchase online. I've found there shipping prices quite reasonable. I've recomended them to others and I've been very satisfied with there product and service. Now when this shipment comes in I'll go over how to install this in your PC. I hope you'll join me for that. Until then thanks for coming by.

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