Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Skype and Crossloop

Recently me and a friend of mine have been using the Skype service(VOIP) and testing to see what our capabilities were. We finally tried Crossloop(Remote access) with Skype. They both passed our initial test. Skype didn't seem to skip a beat or drop any calls. Crossloop worked well though my friend did notice some lag when I was opening some applications but wasn't a major deal. When we switched access I didn't notice any lag on my end. I thought this would be a nice combination to be able to communicate with the user on the other end in addition to chat, cell or landline(remember the telephone?). Anyway I just thought I'd share the experience.


Mrinal said...

Thats good feedback for us at CrossLoop, Bob - thanks for sharing.

Bobby O'Neill said...


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