Friday, October 24, 2008

TekNmotion TM-YW100A

Lately I've been going through headsets faster than I change my underwear. I seemed to somehow pull on the cord and either the headphones would stop working or the microphone wouldn't work. Which made me use language my mother wouldn't approve of. After tripping over the latest set I picked up this set from made my TekNmotion called the Yamster. They sound better and seem a lot better built than the last ones I had. They fit over the ears snug and cancel out outside distraction.Even the packaging was easy to open which didn't require a razor type knife to accidently cut yourself with. So far they work well and I've talk to people on them and they even said they sound better. I've used them for both video,music, Voip and they perform well.Not a bad deal for under $20 from NewEgg which as usual shipped them fast.

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