Wednesday, October 15, 2008

JkDefrag from

I love utility programs. This JkDefrag is from which has quite a variety of programs to use. You can use it as part of a suite of programs or separately all on your flash drive. I tried it as a individual program on my flash drive. It works pretty well with a very minimal interface which is to the point which I like.

When you first open you have the choice of Analyze, Defragment or Defragment and Optimize. I'm not sure what the Optimize option does. I would think defragmenting would optimize your computer but who knows.

I clicked on Defragment and Optimize and it starts. These are kind of before and after shot. It'll go through several phases. I actually couldn't keep track of them. You can see the progress in the window as you go along. This may take awhile so go grab a coffee(or beverage of choice) see what the kids are doing, read a book or whatever suits you.

When I started as you can see my drive needed organizing.

Near the finish and you can see the difference. Nice and neat.

You'll even get a nice report of your operation if your into reading this stuff your really a geek. It's a nice program and is nice one if you'd like something more than the standard Microsoft Defrag program and is portable enough to put on your flashdrive without installing on your(or somebody else's) computer.

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