Friday, October 17, 2008

Upgrading memory

The patient: HP Pavilion a705w

Well my memory from Crucial technology came in yesterday and I already installed and up and running. Now my HP Pavilion a705w works much faster without many hangups. I went from 256mb of RAM to 1.24 GB of RAM. The difference is amazing. Upgrading your RAM will give you the most bang for your buck as far as system upgrades. Here is how simple it was:

This is the new memory from Crucial Technology. For those who like specifics its a 1GB DDR PC2700 184-pin DIMM, Crucial part no. CT410256.

Open the case....

Before touching anything inside be sure and ground yourself either by using a wrist strap or the very least touching any bare metal on the case. Static + PC components = Very BAD

Here is our memory module. Always be sure and only touch the outside edges.

Find the open slot. There is a notch in the memory chip to insure correct placement. It should pop in with a firm push. If your having trouble turn it around as you may be putting the wrong way.

After booting the machine I see I have 1.24 GB of RAM. That certainly put a smile on my face. This took no more than ten minutes. The longest part was waiting for the part to come in. I'm going to add another 1 GB in the near future. It runs great. If you've had your system for awhile and it's running slow this may give you a boost. I notice many manufacturers put the minimum amount in the PC's so usually this is an easy upgrade. If you need help please let me know I'd be glad to help. Thanks and have a great day!

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