Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Egg Saver worth it?

When ordering stuff for computers I generally turn to For the most part they have great service reasonable prices. Recently I came across a great deal for RAM and I couldn't resist. So I ordered it the day before Thanksgiving. One of the great things about it was that it had "Free Shipping". When you place your order it's called the "Egg Saver". It seems to be a new thing with them but I thought I'd try it. As usual NewEgg processed and shipped my order same day. I was emailed with a tracking # . They shipped DHL Global from there New Jersey facility. Now I'm in Rhode Island. In the past I've noticed with shipping from NJ to RI takes a day or so. I grant you there was a holiday and a weekend sandwiched in this. So I tracked it until it got to Walpole,MA. Not exactly far away probably about a 30 minute drive from my house. What got me was that DHL passed it off to USPS at that point. So the tracking system stops there. That was Saturday. Now come Wednesday I'm still waiting. I would think that postal system would be able to deliver in two days what essentially is a stones throw away. I don't like the fact that DHL passed off the package now I have no way to track this item. I am hoping that it comes today. I'll be a little hesitant to use "Egg Saver" in the future though.

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