Sunday, December 28, 2008

A new focus for the new year

I’ve decided for the new year I’m going to have a new focus on the year 2009 andj0408922 beyond. Recently I’ve been reading more and more about recycling and reusing computer and electronic waste. I’ve also signed up to get involved with the local chapter of Free Geek in Providence. I also think it goes along more with my blog title and overall theme.

What my goal here is to share what I learn about computer recycling and ways to get more out of your old hardware.Some of the subjects I hope to cover are:

  • Recycling your computers and electronics responsibly.
  • Free and low-cost software (freeware,Linux, etc..)
  • More performance out of your existing hardware.
  • How-to’s for building, maintaining  and using your PC.

It won’t be limited to these but they will be the focus. Like I said my goal is to share what I learn and help others get more out of there computers. If you have any suggestions for subjects or have any questions feel free to ask.

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