Thursday, December 4, 2008

What to do with old PC's

You can give them to me of course. All kidding aside I do seem to collect old worn out equipment over time and it begins to clutter my work area and garage. What do you do with old stuff. More than likely your local laws and programs may differ. For the most part you can't just throw out PC's with the garbage. They contain some hazardous materials that should be recycled or disposed of properly.

Here in Rhode Island the local recycling facility(aka:The Johnston landfill) which services most of the state hosts a local drop off about once a month. Officially known as Rhode Island Resource Recovery has just posted a new schedule for 2009 with one last drop off this coming Saturday Dec 6. . They are usually held on Saturdays 8am-Noon. It's a fairly simple process. You drive up and they unload your vehicle for you. No need to get out. I'm going this Saturday to clean out some old monitors and some other miscellaneous items. What do you do with your old and tired equipment?

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