Friday, July 6, 2007

About our sponsors.....

Now before anyone says "Sell out!" I'll say I certainly did. A guys got to eat you know. Plus let's face it I don't make a living at this stuff(at least not yet). I've tried to keep them at a minimum and to at least those I've used and can vouch for. The only exception would be the ad's by Google which pop up randomly and I have slightly less control over them. "NewEgg" I use frequently due to there selection, surprisingly quick shipping(not mention reasonably priced) if your looking for computer parts. "Vista Print" I've used for business cards and I'm quite happy with them.

As far as any computer stuff going on today not much has been happening. I may have to install a new dsl modem for my sister this coming weekend if she's not able to figure it out. Apparently hers went on the fritz this past week and the folks at Verizon were kind enough to send her another modem. The other thing I was researching for my brother who happens to run a small engine repair business was to look into laptops and would like to have mobile wifi ability for looking things up like parts and such. Again Verizon looks to be a likely candidate for that but seems a bit pricey at $59.99 a month is a bit much for small business. Still needs the laptop first which I've been trying to look up for him. I would think something inexpensive from Dell Auctions would be a good fit for him but we'll see.

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