Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Msconfig utility for Windows 2000 users

Is a handy utility item for editing start up items from Microsoft. It was included in Windows 98,98se and XP. Unfortunately it was not included Windows 95, NT or 2000. I was spoiled with it when I ran Windows 98se but, when I moved to Windows 2000 Pro I missed it. I did find that you can download from this website and insert it in for Windows 95 , NT and 2000 Pro.

-For Windows 95 users you download it and insert in your c:windows\system folder
-Windows 2000 Pro users can insert in c:winnt\system32

Does not have to be run from those folders. It can be left on your desktop or folder of choice and run from there.Inserting in above folders alloys you to run it from start/run option. Click on Start button, click on Run and type in msconfig. This is a handy utility for trimming down those start up programs that can slow down your start up time and resources.

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