Sunday, July 29, 2007

Upcoming project's

A couple of project's will be coming up soon. In no particular order:

  • Upgrading and installing a larger harddrive on my friend Ray's Dell Latitude C600. I was finally able to find a good deal on a 60 gb(on Ebay) to replace his 20 gb. This may also involve a cloning the old drive to the new or a new operating system completely. Hasn't been determined yet.
  • Also upgrading his IBM Thinkpad's 600e drive from a 4gb to a 20gb. Which may also involve cloning or new OS.On the same unit I'll be replacing the CMOS battery too.
  • Thirdly upgrading my wife's laptop(IBM Thinkpad 600) from a 4b to a 20gb. I'll probably clone that one.
It's looks like I'll have some stuff to do this coming weekend to keep me busy. I'm just waiting for the drives to come in. Probably later this week Thursday or Friday.This'll be a first time doing with laptop's so it'll be interesting. In a desktop it's pretty simple setup cloning drive's which I've done before. With a laptop it's a little more involved . I'll have to order a external drive cable(like this one from Newegg). It'll be fun(for me at least) to do. I'll post the details as they come.

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