Saturday, July 14, 2007

Disk Defragmentor

This handy little windows utility can help your PC running efficiently. As a computer is used with programs being installed - un-installed, data being added and deleted a PC can become more cluttered than my basement. I came across this video from the people of Even I learned a little from it. The basic steps in defragmenting your hard drive are:
  1. Defragmentation runs runs best if no other applications are running. Close all running applications then click on your Start button,click on Run and type in type in "msconfig", click Ok or press Enter. On the General tab select "Selective Startup" and uncheck Process SYSTEM.INI file, Process WIN.INI file and Load Startup items. Click Apply then Ok and restart your system.
  2. When your system has rebooted click on your Start button Go to your Programs to Accessories to System Tools and select Defragmentation. Select the drive(drive c: is usually the default selection) you wish to defrag and then hit the the Defragment button.
The actual defragmentation process can take awhile so sometimes this is best left just before your going to be away from your computer for awhile like before bed, lunch break or whatever your case may be. Good luck and I hope this was helpful.


Anonymous said...

Cluttered is absolutely the word. In fact its like a closet in which clothes and everything else has been stuffed in no order, imagine how long its going to take to get a coomplete costume! In fact i would call fragmentation as a disease which affects all systems simply because we engage in HDD intensive functions and the size of files that we install and delete have become huge. Its something that costs money and productivity to large firms which have lots of systems and critical servers that fall victim to this disease on a daily basis.

rjplumer said...

That's good analogy(closet). As far as how much it's costs on a larger scale I would say your right. Never actually thought of it in that sense. Thank you for your comment.