Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dell Latitude Update

Well I talked to friend(owner) and asked me to sell the drive on Ebay since he has lost the receipt. Proceeds would go towards a replacement drive. I did find a similar replacement on Newegg which is a carbon copy almost except that it has the correct interface. Let's hope it sells on Ebay so I can replace his drive. His current drive though still works it is smaller than he needs and also it does make a clicking sound when in use. That usually means the drives days are numbered. So a drive upgrade is a must. What happened I believe that the store clerk in question picked up the wrong drive because both PATA and SATA have almost identical model no.'s except the incorrect one has a "S" (presumably for Serial ATA) on the end of it. Moral of the story: Don't assume the store clerk from any electronics store (who probably doesn't grasp the difference between serial interface(Sata) or your favorite breakfast cereal) hands you the correct part. Double check before you make your final purchase(online or in the store). It also goes for software too.

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