Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New projects

My friend(owner of the Dell Latitude) has given me a few new projects to play err... I mean work on. The first one is another laptop which is a Toshiba Portege 7100 Series with a Pentium III running about 500mhz. He says it was acting funny trying to boot it up and perhaps check it to that. The exact problem is kind of fuzzy in detail. He thinks he solved the problem because when changed the settings for when you close the case it would go into hibernate instead of just standby. It seemed to have solved the problem. I did change the power settings because when I was updating and installing it would shutoff(by which I mean standby) which was a bit irritating. Also I noticed when attached to the docking station it would not boot up. Will have to check that out. The second project is even older . It's Digital HiNote Ultra II notebook. The details on this one are a bit sketchy to come by. Best I can tell it's got a Pentium I. It doesn't have power cord and the battery is dead so I have no way of booting it up at the moment to find more info. Power cords on Ebay were a whopping $50 plus. My jaw dropped when I saw that. This cost more than the laptop was purchased for ($5.00 at yard sale). Anyway Happy 4th of July!

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