Monday, August 6, 2007

Free Laptop?

I'm sure many of us have seen these either in our email or advertisement. The usual line is that you'll receive a new laptop(doesn't matter brand) all you have to do complete the sponsors deals. In my case I heard of one advertised on the radio I can't remember the name of it now but there are many of them around that do same thing. I'm usually pretty skeptical about stuff like this but, for some reason I thought maybe this would be different since it was on the radio maybe it legit or different in some way. Boy was I wrong. At first you go to the given website and it says all you had to do was fill out or sign up for some deals from there sponsors. The items are usually from reputable advertisers so it doesn't seem like such a risk. They seem to do this in steps. At first they seem cheap and no big deal. Some are free or only cost a couple of dollars. Then you go to the next page and there are more things to sign up for. If you notice the initial costs are slightly more. Fill out a few more things and then go to the next page. More sponsor pages requiring filling out and more memberships. Like before the prices go up. You get to the point that you lose track of who and what you've signed up for. It was late at night and my defense were down so some how I probably got through at least three pages or so before I decided I had enough. At that point I thought what about this is free? If you add up all the memberships(all have monthly fees) you'd probably be paying more than if you went out and bought a laptop elsewhere. As much as you try and remember what you signed up for your bound have a couple slip by. I did a couple of weeks later I noticed an extra charge in my account. I quickly gave a call and they did eventually refund my money. Just this past week(little over a month later) a $69.95 charge was taken out of my account. Unfortunately not aware this was coming out my account had insufficient fund it at first refused then they did it again the next day(still insufficient funds) and now I get socked for $25 from my bank. So now my account's down $94.95 before I even know it. When I did see I called them (furious trying to hold my temper) they say they are going to refund my money. I'm currently still waiting for that to happen. I'm still out $25 from the bank though. Thankfully this was just a secondary account not our main house account where the damage could have been worse.Worst thing is I've got no one to blame but myself for falling for this stupid marketing scheme. A word of advise is that if you see something like this advertised delete it or ignore it.

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